Fire Prevention Tips - General: Sparklers Advisories
Preventing Children from Starting Fires

1. Keep matches, lighters and candles out of young children’s reach.

2. Educate children on the dangers and hazards of fires.

3. Children playing with sparklers must be supervised by parents/adults.


1. Sparklers should be kept in a closed box and away from flames.

2. When being used, it should be lit at arms length and only one at a time.

3. Lighted sparklers should never be thrown at combustible materials.

4. And when a sparkler goes out, do not immediately touch the hot end for it could still burn. Ideally, put the hot end in a bucket of water to fully cool it down.

5. Finally, follow the safety instructions as stated by the manufacturer.

Handling Sparklers

Fire Prevention Tips - Vehicle Fire Safety Tips

  1. Dismount when refuelling your motorcycle.
  2. Turn off your engine when refuelling.
  3. Do not use your handphone.
  4. Do not smoke. No naked light (or flame) is allowed.
  5. Do not allow children to play at dispensing area. 

Fire Prevention Tips - School Fire Safety Tips

  1. Store flammable and combustible materials properly.
  2. Always check and ensure that there is no gas leakage from the Bunsen burner. Do not keep papers or reading materials near an open fire.
  3. When you hear the fire alarm, stop what you are doing immediately and calmly leave via the nearest exit.
  4. Do not play with fire.
  5. Do not overload electrical outlets as it may start a fire.
  6. Always maintain and have proper fire fighting equipment in the office.


Fire Prevention Tips - Fire Safety At Markets

If you lose your business in a fire, you'll also lose your livelihood. 
To avoid starting fires accidentally, observe the following simple guidelines.

  1. Do not stack boxes around and above stall.
  2. Do not put combustible materials near heat sources.
  3. Do not leave cooking unattended.
  4. Clean hoods and ventilators regularly.
  5. Do not store LPG cylinders in poorly ventilated places.
  6. Do not use old or faulty appliances, wiring and insulators
  7. Do not overload electrical outlets.
  8. Do not make unauthorised connections of gas & electrical extensions and points.
  9. Do not use fruit ripening agents.
  10. Do not burn incense papers openly.

Fire Prevention Tips - Residential Fire Tips

Study room

  1. Do not overload electrical outlets with too many extensions.
  2. All electrical wiring should be well insulated and maintained.
  3. Aromatherapy burner should not be placed near windows as the draft from the window may blow curtains towards the flame. 
    - Keep the burners away from combustible materials like books or magazines 
    - They should be placed on steady surfaces. 
    - Burners should never be left unattended.
  4. Always make sure that you get the right watt of bulb for your table lamp since a higher watt might heat the lampshade and cause fire.
  5. Use household electrical, electronics and gas appliances that bear the .
  6. Have proper ashtrays and always extinguish matches and cigarette butts properly.


  1. Do not dispose flammable objects such as embers, cigarette butts or lighted items into dustbin without extinguishing them completely.
  2. Don not leave cooking stoves and heated appliances unattended.
  3. Make sure that food placed in the toaster and microwave is not overcooked to the stage where it burns and start a fire.
  4. Do not overload electrical outlets.
  5. Do not keep flammable materials like clothes and curtains too close to an open flame.
  6. Avoid accumulation of grime and oil inside oven hoods and around cooking area with regular cleaning.
  7. Switch off all electricity supply when an appliance is not in use.
  8. Store LPG gas cylinder properly and check the pipe supplying the gas from time to time to ensure that it is properly fitted. Replace it when worn out.
  9. Do not keep more than one LPG space cylinder at any time.
  10. Never dispose lighted embers into the rubbish chute.

    View Kitchen Oil Fire (Video courtesy of London Fire Brigade)

Living Room

  1. Ensure that the wires for TV and AV equipment are tidy and well maintained at all times.
  2. Do not run wires under carpet.
  3. Do not overload electrical outlets.
  4. Ensure that altars are placed at a safe distance away from the window curtains.
  5. Always make sure that you get the right watt of bulb for the table lamp since a higher watt might heat the lampshade and cause a fire.


  1. Never leave ironing or heated appliances unattended since overheated fabric burns and can cause a fire.
  2. Never allow children to play with matches. Keep matches away from children.
  3. Do not overload electrical outlets.
  4. Seek professional helpwhen repairing worn out wires since wrongly or poorly repaired wires can start a fire. 

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