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NFEC Fire Safety Seminar 2010
Protecting Businesses Through Fire and Emergency Preparedness

The Fire Safety Seminar 2010, a full-day seminar organised by the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC), was held on 29th and 30th September 2010 for fire safety practitioners at the Furama Riverfront Hotel. Participants were equipped and updated on common causes of fire and prevention, common fire safety non-compliances, importance of insurance to restore a business after a fire and latest trends in fire protection technology. Another key component of this annual event is the interactive workshop session where participants will engage in discussions on case studies of recent cases of fire.

The summary of the workshop discussion is now available. These are for reference only and should not be used to substitute official or approved risk assessment guides.

Workshop Presentation and Summaries for download:
workshop case study discussion notes
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